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Author Topic: THE PRETENDER, NEVER SURRENDER, MAKING APES, CURSED FILMS - 4 movie docs  (Read 173 times)
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« on: June 18, 2020, 10:54:40 AM »

Like everyone else in the world, I watched a lot more TV then normal in the past 3 months, including more documentaries then I'd normally watch.

Besides TIGER KING I've caught 4 other, movie-related, docs during dat rona, and all 'em are good.

THE PRETENDER is a sweet low budget doc about the world's greatest ROCKY/Sly Stallone fan, Mike Kunda.  The doc concentrates on his life-long obsession with Stallone, and how he's shaped his life to resemble his hero.  Kunda has managed to carve out a living by imitating Sly and giving ROCKY tours to Philly tourists.  His main goal of actually meeting Stallone however remains elusively out of reach....

MAKING APES looks at make-up wizard John Chambers (who designed Spock's ears just before getting POTA) and the young up-and-coming makeup men in Hollywood who made what it still one of the most amazing practical make-up effect movies of all time.  The movie was produced and written by one of the young guys he picked - the now legendary Tom Burman - so it's maybe a bit skewed, but is still a fascinating look at the making of POTA, and about the make-up industry in Hollywood as a whole.  John Landis - who is actually in one of the original sequels - gets a lot of screen time and lots of antidotes.  A fun watch.

NEVER SURRENDER is big budget affair documenting the rise to cult-like status of GALAXY QUEST.  It gets interviews with most of the stars & people behind the camera, like director Dean Parisot (who's directing the next BILL & TED movie).  None of it's terribly illuminating to hard core fans of the movie, but it does act as a nice "where are they now" sort of thing.  There are some nice behind-the-scenes stuff though, like the fact that QUEST is perhaps the only movie ever made shot in 3 aspect ratios.  NEVER SURRENDER mostly just reminds you that it's time to watch GQ again, but is certainly entertaining enough.

CURSED FILMS is a doc by Shudder looking at THE OMEN and the ass-load of weird shit that happened during the making of (like multiple plane crashes, a zoo keeper being eaten alive by lions after helping the producers shoot a scene, 666 and more).  This doc has lots of fluff though - like an interview with a "real" California witch - so it's not quite as "pure" as the other docs on this list.  Still fun for OMEN or Richard Donner fans (he's in this).

As this post, all are available for free on Amazon.  I listed them in order of the rank, best to worst, but honestly they're all pretty watchable, and I think they're all an hour or less.

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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2020, 11:25:42 AM »

Sweet reviews, thanks!

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