To gain challenging creative employment as a digital artist and animator.


Shooterz – a division of Latcha + Associates (2012-Present)
Senior Digital Artist
• Composited 3D animation, live action, greenscreen elements, and motion graphics
• Produced 3D animation for web and broadcast
• Look development for 2013-14 animation and video for client Lincoln Motor Company
• Produced 3D renderings for print
• Created 3D assets, models, and textures
• Augmented photography with digital elements
• Retouched 3D renderings
• Supervised and trained junior artists and compositors

SpeedShape, Inc. (2006-2012)
Digital Artist
• Produced 3D and 2D animation for web and broadcast
• Animated vehicles with realistic movement
• Produced 3D renderings for print, web, and broadcast
• Composited animation, live action, and motion graphics
• Created 3D assets and digital environments
• Rigged automobiles, digital humans, machines and devices for animation
• Created matte paintings for digital environments
• Retouched final art for web and print

Latcha + Associates (2004-2006)
Digital Artist
• Produced 3D renderings for print
• Created 3D assets, models, and textures
• Augmented photography with digital elements
• Retouched 3D renderings

Evil Genius Entertainment/Crowboy Digital (2003-2011)
CG Supervisor and Senior Digital Artist
• Created promotional/visual effects animation
• Visual Effects Supervisor for three motion pictures
• Created 3D assets and matte paintings
• Rigged and animated fully CG photoreal characters
• Created storyboards and previs animation
• Camera tracking of live action footage for CG compositing
• Created pipeline for editing HD footage
• Composited CG backgrounds behind live action greenscreen footage

3DS Max, Maya, Vray, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, PF Track, Boujou, Mocha

B.S. Eastern Michigan University (1999)
Majors: Fine Art and English Literature



R.J. Conlin (2013-2015)
• Visualization, concept development, 3D modeling and animation, and digital compositing
• Created computer generated animation for client Maxion Wheels showing their triple protection paint process and hybrid forging process. Projects included storyboards, animatics, modeling, animation, lighting, special effects, and graphic design work.

Dancingstar Productions (2011)
• Visual Effects Artist for feature film “Naked Angel”
• Complete shots requiring full body rotoscoping, 3D augmentation, and effects compositing.

Buchanan Films (2004, 2007)
• Visual Effects Supervisor
• Produced computer generated visual effects for short subject films “Photophobia” and “True

Pyroteque (2004)
• Digital Artist
• Created promotional animation for Pyroteque Pyrotechnics

Crowboy Digital (2001-2009)
• Digital Artist and web programmer
• Created websites and artwork for business clients including Legz Inc, The Vincent Law Firm, and
Bear Roofing.

Designs of Future Worlds, LLC (2003)
• Visual Effects Artist
• Produced computer generated visual effects for feature film “Shadows on the Wall”

Community Television Network (2003)
• Illustrator
• Produced color illustrations for documentary film “Haley and Madonna”

Oddfellow Magazine (2005)
• Illustrator
• Spot illustrations and comic book stories

Auxiliary Power (2002)
• Texture Artist
• Created textures for 3D video game ‘Demolition Derby’
• Created icons and artwork for game interface

References available upon request.