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Author Topic: RAMBO: LAST BLOOD  (Read 209 times)
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« on: September 23, 2019, 02:06:15 AM »

Stallone still relevant, at least a little, as RAMBO LAST BLOOD tied the mega-budget Brad Pitt flick AD ADSTRA for 2nd place this weekend taking in almost $20 million.

The movie itself is probably the weakest of the franchise as it relies on the audience believing that Rambo, who's spent most of his adult life in Asia (including in the last flick), has now moved back to the USA and is now, of all things, a cowboy of sorts.  Rambo's got a kind of family, as he's pseudo-adopted a girl who's now grown up and real real stupid.  She gets into trouble in Mexico and Rambo has to get all Rambo-y.

Like RAMBO 4, when there's action, it's fantastic.  Beautifully filmed and graphically violent, when Rambo's killing villain's, it's super fun.  But when he's not - and that's most of the time - the movie slows down badly.  That's because, unlike RAMBO 4, the story really isn't believable and the actors - particularly the young woman playing his "daughter" - aren't fantastic.  Serviceable yes, great no. 

Stallone himself seems to be mostly mailing it in, although when the movie needs him to turn it on to achieve any sort of believability he's still has it.  But of course Sly's now in his 70's, which means most of the action happens in small places where he's not forced to run much.

As gore-porn, it's good when it's there, and it's a fun movie - there's no attempt to re-invent Rambo per se, rather it just puts him into a new situation where he'll have to bat shit crazy.  For those critics screaming about xeonphobia, it's simply ridiculous.  Might as well say Ed Wood hated aliens too.  In RAMBO 5, the movie's bad guys happen to be Mexican sex slavers, an all-too real an issue in that country.  Everyone in the movie except Rambo is Latino, including his daughter and other good guys, so the charge is doubly stupid.

Unfounded charges of racism aside, the real problem with the movie is that it's too long for the story, thus is waters down the moments of violence.  Simply put, they're too far apart and the story in between those moments isn't terribly compelling, making the movie feel slow.  And that's a damning statement because the movie actually clocks in at 90 minutes.

Still, it's a fun enough movie and because it is short, you can make it through the boring parts easily enough.

BOTTOM LINE:  3 "Rambo, you mot expendable... when your cast is so weak" out of 5

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