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Author Topic: Doom & Mortal Kombat for PS4 review  (Read 71 times)
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« on: December 05, 2018, 05:29:09 PM »

Snake brought his PS4 over and I got a chance to play 2 of the games he has so far, DOOM and MORTAL KOMBAT X.

This was the first time I've played the latest gen system and the first thing that struck me is that yes, the games are even prettier then they were on the PS3/Xbox 360.  Maybe not quite a full step forward, but obviously closer to photo-real then ever before.  A bit more on that in a bit.

The second was that, like the 3D effect in AVATAR, the novelty wears off very quickly, and when it does actual gameplay becomes important....

Which is bad news for DOOM, which somehow manages to mess up the simplest of 1st person shooters ever made.  While beautiful to look at, a massive, unbelievable it still can happen with modern games, problem immediately reared it's head - you're unable to fully adjust the controls.

To wit, you can't use the top toggles or otherwise adjust how you dodge and move around.  This alone is a deal breakers as a) it makes it utterly incapable with older versions of the game (and who's really gonna buy this game except someone who already played prior versions), and worse yet, other 1st person shooters, like the little known game called HALO.  So fraking stupid.

Also stupid is changing how the monsters and how their various ranged weapons (like fireballs) look.  Kinda like buying the rights to STAR WARS and then changing the way the storm troopers look.  Who would be so stupid?  Oh wait.

Also annoying is that while you can access the original version of the game, it's only one level at a time, one per new board.  One of the cool things about older versions of the game was that you could play to original game.  Without fucking around to do so.  Making an easter egg of it is both lazy and a cop out.

I mean, if it's the only game you own, it's certainly playable, but it doesn't feel or look like prior versions of DOOM.  Think more DEADSPACE.  And, unlike DOOM3 for the Xbox, there are no jump scares.  While short, DOOM 3 delivered the mood and scares... esp if high.

Another classic port, MORTAL KOMBAT 10, gets things right.  It's essentially the same game as on the Xbox 360, with a different story mode and more characters (like the Predator, the Alien, and Jason), and of course, better graphics.  Unlike DOOM, get this, you can fully adjust your controls.  And while beautiful to look at, it doesn't so alter the original characters as so not to recognize them -  Johnny Cage has a daughter, and other human characters from the original are about 20 years older - but you still can identify them.

Likewise, it doesn't change the play value - if you can play any of the prior versions, you'll be able to sit right down and play this one.  All in all, a much better port.

Last note, video games have painted themselves into the same bad corner movies have - an arms races for great looking graphics at the risk of ignoring game play and originality.  While better graphics have always been a goal, in all honesty, I see no real reason for the extra firepower of these gen 8 systems.  The games looked plenty pretty on the PS3/360.  Likewise, as programmers are obsessed with graphics, the world size of these games doesn't seem any bigger then before.  Rant over.

DOOM 2 "why do all the monsters look different?" our of 5
MORTAL KOMBAT 4 "stick with what brought you to the dance" out of 5
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