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October 25, 2020, 02:20:53 AM

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 on: October 24, 2020, 11:58:25 AM 
Started by Warpig - Last post by jdv
"Detroit Election Workers Trained To Kick Out Poll Watchers, Count Challenged Ballots, Throw Out Provisional Ballots"

video at link


 on: October 23, 2020, 04:08:17 PM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv
ONE WEEK til Halloween, so scary movies tonight....

Ooooo, so scary!

 on: October 23, 2020, 03:39:25 PM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv
Not a whiff of scandal:

"Obama/Biden Administration Approved the Sale of a "Strategically Sensitive" Manufacturer With Military Applications to... Hunter Biden and a Communist China Front Company Which Makes Purchases for the People's Liberation Army"

But again, the Biden's made no money off of it, so it's cool, right?

What's that?  They made millions and Joe claiming not a cent made either the ravings of a seriously ill man, or one of the biggest lies ever told in an American debate?

Gee, maybe it's both.

BTW, while Joe recovers/hides in his basement, Trump just landed in Florida.  Oddly enough, there are thousands of fans there.  Apparently they don't know that all evidence aligned against Biden is Russian plot

 on: October 23, 2020, 03:05:02 PM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv

Beyond the mountain of evidence that of course it's all true - evidence that's seemingly growing exponentially every day - there's now nowhere to run for Joe on this issue.  

Yeah, about that....

"Code Name ĎProject Hansoní:

Insider Documents Reveal How Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer"

But of course he did so for free.  I mean Joe told the world last night that his son never made a dime in China. 

Not one.

Weirdly enough, despite the Biden's being as clean as driven snow, the FBI interviewed the whistle-blower and former CEO of one of their Chinese companies today who claims that yes, all the info on the laptop is real, and yes, Joe Biden absolutely knew what his son was doing. 


And the tidal of shit continues unabated for Biden who continues to sink in polling across the board, but particularly with black Americans 46% of whom now view Trump favorably.

Which is perhaps why Trump today set a single day record for fund raising.

And as predicted, Joe was nowhere to be found on the campaign trail today.  His thousands tens of adoring fans will be so disappointed.


 on: October 23, 2020, 11:56:08 AM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv

The media as a whole are now clearly, openly, at war with the people of the United States.  I have never seen such open partisanship; such a willingness to bury a story.

A horrific display of unprofessionalism from the least respected profession in this country.

IF you have any doubts about the above statements, watch as PBS's terrorist sympathizer Christian Amanapour get taken to the woodshed by RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington for burying the Biden graft machine story.

In a completely Orwellian moment of double-speak, Amanapour actually tells Harrington to "do her job" about "verifying" the laptop, at which point the stunned Harrington has to remind that she's a reporter, and that's her job.

Of all the people who have beclowned themselves because of Trump, none are worse then the "news" who has disgraced themselves and their profession so thoroughly that it may never fully recover.

Enemy of the American people

 on: October 23, 2020, 11:14:59 AM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv
I exist only to serve.

Some more observations:

- As predicted, the media in full blown spin cycle trying to cover for Joe right now.  Chuck Todd - in a moment of irony so huge it's almost unbearable - said "only Fox News viewers understand" Trump's references to the laptop and graft.

A larger self-condemnation for his own awful reporting can hardly be imagined - maybe more people would know about it if he had done his job.  And I guess it never to shit for brains that maybe just maybe those people curious about what was being talked about would seek it out on this thingy called the internet, which is ablaze right now with flaming Biden.

- Whatever pretense of "objectivity" completely gone last night as CNN, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC all had phrasing like "Did Trump do enough?" as though the polls were in any way related to reality.  The same polls that had Hillary crushing Trump now show Trump's much closer then in 2016.

Pretending that Joe isn't mired in a massive corruption scheme & isn't dementied about as dishonest as reporting has ever been, anywhere at any time.

State run TV in the Soviet Union was closer to telling the truth then was our news last night.

- Blow back from Joe's lie about fraking, only to then promise to end the oil industry entirely.  Even some democrats blasting Joe today for saying out loud what their secret plans are.

Simply put, Joe just lost Texas & Pennsylvania.

- Joe got worse & worse as the debate went, actually looking at his watch towards the end.  Got some evidence to wipe somewhere else you'd like to be Joe?  If you're winning a debate, you don't look at your watch.

Trump was the opposite - engaged to end, and looking ready to debate for another 2 hours.

- Joe mumbled out some slander against Rudy Giuliani and lied about the lap top, which will like a) result in a massive liable suit against Biden down the road, and b) brought up the issue in what can only be called the biggest self-inflicted wound in debate history.

- Even I, an oldster WWII buff had no idea what the hell Biden was talking about when he referenced Hitler.  I still don't.  It was just another, "Aw, grandpa's remembering stuff that never happened!" moment for Biden who had plenty of them.

- Of all the whoopers Biden told last night (and virtually every statement was one), the one where he claimed he has a reputation for honesty was perhaps the most laughable.  "Honest Joe Biden" is a phrase to no one has ever thought, much less said.

In all seriousness, I can never remember a campaign where one party told so many easily disproved lies so many times.  While that might have worked in an age before the internet, it doesn't work now.  

- Lastly, speaking of lies, the Washington Post and New York Times (plus NPR, CNN, NBC) today completely ignored the laptop bombshell story, I suppose hoping that no one watched last night.  The media as a whole are now clearly, openly, at war with the people of the United States.  I have never seen such open partisanship; such a willingness to bury a story.

A horrific display of unprofessionalism from the least respected profession in this country.

Something tells me they thought Trump won too....

 on: October 23, 2020, 07:48:02 AM 
Started by jdv - Last post by Warpig
Great write-up man, thanks!

 on: October 22, 2020, 10:25:35 PM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv
I CALLED the first debate a draw, with perhaps a slight nod to Trump because Biden could nothing to hurt him.  Chris Wallace's horrifically bad performance did an injustice to both candidates.

Tonight was a different story.  Simply put, Joe got annihilated.  

That's 'cause moderator Kristen Welker actually was close to being bi-partisan.  She asked a couple of loaded questions to Trump, fact checked him once, and did not bring up his accomplishments, particularly in the middle east, but on the whole was fairly even-handed.

And in an even handed contest, it was no contest.  The biggest blockbuster of course is that the news of Biden's corruption is now out in the open (sorta); tonight was the first night the ABC News even remotely acknowledged the giant scandal (of course they downplayed it, calling it "unverified"), but due to the nature of the debate couldn't hide it altogether.  Media outlets will be doing back-flips trying to run cover tomorrow, desperate to do anything to downplay the issue that will not go away; desperate to downplay the debate as a whole.

Beyond Trump crushing Biden on his graft - Joe was only able to bleat out that "it's a lie" and a "Russian plan" - Trump owned him on every other issue too.  From immigration to the economy to global warming, Trump answered clearly, concisely, calmly explaining why he's embraced his various policies, and why Joe's ideas are awful.

Joe looked lost, remembering canned lines (the one about a family sitting around the table was particularly stale and rehearsed), but unable to effectively respond when Trump hammered away about him doing nothing during his 8 years as veep.  Trump successfully painted Joe as a career politician and was effective at swatting away Joe's attacks.

Trump also got the only real zinger of the night, when Joe again claimed it was the Russians who are responsible for Hunter's laptop, telling Joe, "Here we go again" in an obvious reference to Reagan's destruction of Mondale, and to the failed attempted to get Trump for Russian collusion.  

It was also yet another bold faced lie by Biden, who spit out dozens of them, from claiming Obamacare didn't force people off of existing insurance, to saying he never said he wanted to end fraking, to claiming his son never made money in China, Joe's lies were so numerous and obvious as to make any legit fact checker wear out his pencil.

PBS spinning away like mad right now, wondering why we can't have this Trump "all the time."  That's a tacit acknowledgement of his fairly masterful performance tonight.  Another commentator now admitting Trump "landed some blows".

Trump did more than that - he won.  He won on issues, he won on presence (Joe again refused to look at Trump which makes him look weak), he won on zingers, and he won in terms of speaking clearly.  Trumps blasted Joe for hiding in his basement, for passing the super predator law, for building cages, for wanting to kill the petro industry, for doing nothing in 8 years as veep.

For democrats, there wasn't much to love about tonight, other then Joe looked less dementia-ed then he did in the first debate, perhaps the only benefit of taking 6 full days off of the campaign trail.  It again is worth noting that Trump essentially did not prep for this debate, traveling every day - including yesterday - at rally after rally.

Smart money says Joe goes right back into his basement tomorrow, both because he's exhausted and because he knows he'll be asked about his decades long history of corruption.


Welker, for doing what the ass-clown Chris Wallace couldn't do, which is ask questions without trying to help Biden.  She did a decent job... which means she'll probably get pilloried by the left today.

Trump, for clearly & obviously winning the debate.  It was a clean a win as could possibly happen given the one sided media.  In a real sense, the only way Trump could lose is if Biden clearly, objectively, won the debate.  The exact opposite happened.  Joe didn't lay a finger on Trump, and always looked like he was on the defensive.


China Joe, because he got no undecideds tonight.  As challenger, Joe had to knock out the champ.  Arguably any chance of that died when the NY Post's story about the laptop dropped on Monday.  But even without that, Joe simply did nothing to hurt Trump.  

Chris Wallace, for being a loser.  Wallace is likely crying himself to sleep as the world now knows - if it didn't before - that he has no business being anywhere near a news desk.  Welker didn't get flustered and didn't try to bail out Biden on question after question, which of course is exactly what Wallace tried - and failed - to do.  His horrific performance in the first debate now somehow even looks worse then before. 

So a double dose of disaster for Biden and the dems who must now try to keep a lid on a massive, ever widening, scandal even as their weak candidate goes back home to rest.  Not only did Joe not win the debate, the his dirty secret is now completely out of the bag.

If there are truly any undecided voters in this country, Joe did zero to sway them, other then he did not pass out or call a black person "colored".  Joe did say he wanted looser cocaine laws, something I'm guessing will make it into a meme or two today.

 on: October 22, 2020, 09:21:45 PM 
Started by jdv - Last post by jdv
I'll have a full analysis of the debate in the thread dedicated to it, but the media's not going to be able to keep burying the story anymore.

That's because Trump absolutely mollywopped Biden tonight on the issue, continually hammering away and the issue, while Joe feebly claimed it's not true.  Perhaps most laughably, Joe claimed he has a reputation for "honesty" and that the scandal is "a Russian plan".

Beyond the mountain of evidence that of course it's all true - evidence that's seemingly growing exponentially every day - there's now nowhere to run for Joe on this issue.  Any serious police investigation on this issue now puts Joe in the very real danger of being the first President prosecuted as a criminal during his term in office.  The very real possibility of being thrown out of office on day 1 with the 25th Amendment.

But of course he needs to win first - and today did massive damage to those chances.  Look for moderator Kristen Welker to be lambasted by the left tomorrow as she dared open the door for this story to come out in the debate, but it's far too late to bar the door now.

Joe's about one more smoking piece of evidence from being put in jail before being interviewed by police before the election even happens. 

As a side note, taking a week off of campaigning just to get a shellacking doesn't seem like the best way to win.

 on: October 22, 2020, 08:56:52 PM 
Started by Warpig - Last post by jdv
Barry knew too:

"New Emails from Bidenís Brother Show Barack Obama Was In On It

New emails from Steve Bannonís War Room show that President Barack Obama was brought into the Biden schemes per an email from Bidenís brother.

James Biden sends an email to (Robert) Hunter Biden:

'You need to call me now.  Just got off the phone with your father.  He is meeting with the O!!  Some outrageous acquisitions!!  We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!'"

Well of course Obama knew.  He knew about Hillary's illegal server and her illegal graft, and he knew about Joe's.

Put another way, how could he possibly not know that his Secretary of State & Vice President - both life long politicians - were neck deep in graft?

He either knew or should have known.

The top tier dems are all tied to this; they all benefited to the tune of millions of dollars, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars, paid by massive companies and communist Russia and China.

The media has been running cover since Hillary ran, for obvious reasons, and have no choice but to do so now.  All of their heroes are now intrinsically linked to the biggest pay-4-play scandal US political history.

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