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Title: DC comics "bloodbath - massive layoffs at Warners
Post by: jdv on August 11, 2020, 02:51:01 PM
Get woke, go broke:

"Devastation: Warner Media & DC Staff Getting Laid Off Today

WarnerMedia is planning to lay off at least 800 staffers at its Warner Bros. and HBO operations as part of a restructuring plan that is being put in place by the Warner Media’s CEO, Jason Kilar. Layoffs are expected to start with around 650 people today, with HBO letting go of between 150 and 175 staffers.  This is a far bigger layoff than the 3% DC laid off a year and a half ago.

These layoffs are expected as they come only a couple of days after Kilar unveiled a significant reworking of the media company’s operations, removing the top programming leaders at HBO Max, Robert Greenblatt and Kevin Reilly and rolling all over WarnerMedia’s production operations into a single operation.

In their place, Kilar put Warner Bros. chief Ann Sarnoff in charge of developing content for the new streaming service as well as the company’s big entertainment focused basic-cable networks: TNT, TBS and truTV. Andy Forssell, general manager of HBO Max, was put in charge of the new entity’s business operations.

Today, DC Comics staff were told via memo that they are being laid off, and their positions will be eliminated in December."

It's rumored that editor & leftwing SJW ideologue Andy Khouri is one of the ones fired. 

As to why all this is happening, this upcoming cover for a Wonder Woman books speaks a thousand woke words:


Who doesn't want a fat, small boobed grey/purple Grimace Wonder Woman?  I mean besides everyone.

https://bleedingfool.com/news/devastation-warner-media-dc-staff-getting-laid-off-today/ (https://bleedingfool.com/news/devastation-warner-media-dc-staff-getting-laid-off-today/)

Title: Re: DC comics "bloodbath - massive layoffs at Warners
Post by: Warpig on August 12, 2020, 07:56:40 AM